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RAMP National Grant Final Report (2009-2012)

Cover: "RAMP Final Report 2009-2012: Career-Focused Mentoring for All Youth" (contains images of 1) male youth and female adult standing back to back, 2) group shot of youth visiting NASA, 3) female high school graduate  in cap and gown with female adult, 4) three male youth building a small robot, 5) three female youth standing with three female pharmacy professionals, and 6) a male youth and male mentor stand in front of the White HouseRAMP began with a National Mentoring Grant from the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in October 2009. This report includes a review of why mentoring matters, local and national RAMP activities making an impact in youth's lives, an overview of the RAMP model and program components, local and national youth performance data and demographics, profiles of the each RAMP site, and a reference to RAMP's foundational resources.

Read RAMP Final Report 2009-2012: Career-Focused Mentoring for All Youth.

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