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Ability Connection Colorado

Logo: Stylzed Person in Wheel Chair, abstractly cropped. Text:Ability Connection Colorado: Serving People with Disabilities801 Yosemite St
Denver, CO 80230

Primary Contact: Tracie Hammons
Phone:303-691-9339 ext-1101

RAMP youth at CPCO celebrate the end of the school year at a bowling party.

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Site Description:

Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) mission is to create, support, and encourage inclusive opportunities for Coloradans of all abilities and their families, through early intervention, education, employment, statewide training, information and referral, advocacy, public education services and collaborative strategies with emphasis on diversity, dignity, quality of life and the advancement of human potential.

Employment Works is a program of ACCO that provides job placement and career exploration services to youth with disabilities and other challenges to adult transition.  We have a strong record of success with 90% of enrolled youth completing the first phase of our services and 75% going on to secure employment or other related work experiences.

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