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Chemung County Children's Integrated Services

Chemung County Children's Integrated Services (CCCIS) program serves youth, birth to 18 years of age, and their families, with the goal of diverting troubled youth from higher levels of care within the child-serving systems. 

CCCIS is the entry point for children with significant behavior difficulties and/or a serious emotional disturbance. The agency provides linkages to services for children/adolescents and their families through use of the Single Point of Accountability process, or the Children's Coordinated Services Initiative process. Needs are identified and services linked according to a screening process to determine if the child is eligible for specific services.

A RAMP youth demonstrates his artistic and business skills by making roses and wallets out of fancy duct tape and selling them through local vendors. 2012

CCCIS has a strong record of success with diverting youth from Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) programming and family court involvement.

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Our Youth's Career Goals...

CCCIS's RAMP youth have a wide variety of creative and technology-related career interests, including:

Veterinary Medicine   ♦  Nursing  ♦  Early Childhood Education  ♦  Bicycle Repair  ♦  Surgical Technician  ♦  Restaurant Owner/Chef  ♦  Computer Technician  ♦  Video Game Designer  ♦  Auto Mechanic  ♦  Landscaper  ♦  Military  ♦  Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice  ♦  Attorney  ♦  Cosmetologist  ♦  Photographer  ♦  Singer/Dancer/Entertainer

Our Youth's Weekly Goals...

Each week, CCCIS's RAMP youth set and achieve goals related to Learning (in school), Connecting (positive social skills and behaviors), Thriving (physical and emotional wellbeing), Working (vocational skills and experience), Leading (civic involvement and personal goals), and disability (accommodations, awareness, etiquette, and history). Some of their recent goals have been:

  • A local mentor assists a youth with a project in the school's shop class.  "Read a book."
  • "Research the educational path to apply to law school."
  • "Present research regarding careers to group to work on leadership skills."
  • "Attend youth conference and participate appropriately."
  • "Complete employment applications at local businesses."
  • "Introduce self and speak with local business owner after guest speaking arrangement."
  • "Do not receive disciplinary referrals for one week at school."
  • "Research skills needed to enter the military."
  • "Present duct tape activities to the RAMP group."
  • "Call the local hospital to inquire about volunteer programs."
  • "Try out for the school play."

Our Recent Exciting Experiences...

  • In February, a local artisan spoke about his experience in the dramatic arts. He stressed the importance of having more than one “back up” career goal when pursuing the entertainment industry. He was able to help give pointers to the students that were interested in this career path.
  • Youth broke into small groups with their mentors and practiced calling community employers about volunteer work and internship programs.
  • In March, RAMP youth toured Broadway Animal Hospital and met with the lead veterinarian. Youth saw a hairless cat, looked at x-rays, toured the operating room, and saw some of the patients in recovery.
  • Also in March, a Broadway Middle School student demonstrated how to make art projects out of duct tape and how he sells them to the public.

Our Youth Say...

  • RAMP youth and mentors work together on the week's activity: financial literacy and how to read a paycheck.

    “RAMP is a place that I can be myself.”

  • “I look forward to coming to RAMP every week. It’s fun and the snacks are good.”
  • “The things that I am learning will help me when I look for a job this summer.”
  • “I like reaching my goals each week.”
  • “I’ve made friends here at RAMP.”

Our Mentors Say

  • “I never realized how much I could learn from our young people.”
  • “I look forward to our RAMP days.”
  • “We have a good group of young people that like to be around each other.”
  • “I’ve seen youth that did not talk on their first day of RAMP and now we can’t get them to stop talking.”

Our Innovative Partnerships...

Broadway Animal Hospital hosted RAMP youth on a worksite visit. Youth met the lead veterinarian, met the lead veterinarian, viewed x-rays, and saw the operating room. Youth were able to ask the veterinarian many questions regarding educational requirements and length and the pros and cons of working in the field.

Chemung County Head Start has offered RAMP youth interested in early childhood care and education the opportunity to work with children for one hour in the morning in the classroom. If the youth decides that they want to participate more, an internship or job shadowing experience is offered to them.

Vincenzo's Pizzeria will host a worksite visit for RAMP youth, since many of them have expressed interest in the restaurant industry. The worksite visit will include a tour of the restaurant, a demonstration of pizza tossing, and the youth will be allowed to make their own small pizzas. If they have show aptitude, they will be encouraged to apply for employment.

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