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Humanim (MD)

Humanim Logo: Blue All Caps Block Text; Letter I Resembles Stylized Human1701 N. Gay Street
Baltimore, MD 21213

Primary Contact:  Taavon James
Phone:  443-831-7887

RAMP youth pose for a photo after a RAMP weekly meeting.

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Site Description:

Humanim is a private, not-for-profit agency which was founded in 1971 to respond to the needs of individuals with disabilities.  Originally founded to provide vocational services to adults with disabilities, Humanim has grown to provide a comprehensive array of clinical, residential and vocational services in order to promote the success of adults and children with disabilities throughout Maryland.  Humanim’s mission is to identify those in the greatest need and provide uncompromising human services. 

Humanim has placed a heavy emphasis on providing innovative services to youth with disabilities, to assist them in transitioning from school to the world of work.  Since 1997, Humanim has partnered with the National Organization on Disability to implement the Start On Success (SOS) Program, a paid internship program targeting high school students receiving special education services in Baltimore City.  Humanim has an extensive history of working closely with school districts throughout Maryland to identify areas of need and to develop prescriptive services to meet the unique needs of at-risk youth.  The agency has a strong track record of providing disadvantaged youth with the experiences and supports necessary to become productive members of their communities.

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