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Independent Living Resource Center of Northeast Florida

ILRC of Northeast Florida Logo: Navy Text with American Flag Thumbs-Up and the Words "Advocating Independence!"2709 Art Museum Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Primary Contact: Julie Gilson
Phone: (904) 399-8484

Three male RAMP youth pose for a photo before a RAMP weekly meeting.

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Site Description:

The Independent Living Resource Center of Northeast Florida (ILRC) is a Center for Independent Living that provides career exploration, information and referral, independent living skills trainings, internships, college scholarships, etc. to youth with disabilities in Duval County (Jacksonville, FL) and Clay County.  Many of our youth are those with multiple barriers that include poverty, poor scholastic achievement and a history of truancy.  We have a strong record of success with increasing career opportunities, providing paid and non paid internships, increasing scores on standardized tests and assisting students with enrolling in secondary education. ILRC operates RAMP™ sites in Clay and Duval Counties.

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