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RAMP Youth in Lansing Take a Stand Against Violence

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RAMP youth posing showing their PEACE 517 shirts

Due to an abundance of local and national acts of violence, Peckham RAMP youth decided to take a stand and promote peace in the Lansing area! On August 31, 2016, the 2nd Annual Brighter Tomorrow event was held to bring the Lansing community together and stand up against violence!

Over 200 youth and community members alongside local police and firefighters gathered together at Adado Park!  A local youth who lost her brother to violence, David Singleton, a youth specialist with the Boys and Girls Club of Gainesville, FL and Captain Darren Southworth of the Lansing Police Department, spoke to the crowd about how violence has affected them and the Lansing community.  They shared their stories and encouraged everyone to be agents of peace! The event included music, All of the Above Hip Hop Academy break dancers, bounce houses, and a resource fair which included community resources for youth and families.

In order to show community support, a Peace Wall, which was painted and prepped by RAMP students, was displayed for the community to write what they believe “Peace means…” The wall was a way for RAMP students to get involved with the event and show their support for peace and violence reduction in the community!

Black board with peace means...painted on the top along with hand prints   African American youth writing on Peace Wall what Peace means to them

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