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Regional Center for Independent Living (NY)

Regional Center for Independent Living Logo: Curve Text Treatment Above a Blue Star Trailing Three Red Streaks.34 Castle Street
Geneva, NY 14456

Primary Contact: Susan Skeels

Phone: 315-789-1800

RAMP youth gather for a group photo after a RAMP weekly meeting.

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Site Description:

The mission of the Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) is to empower people with disabilities to self-advocate, to live independently and to enhance the quality of community life. RCIL seeks to overcome the barriers faced by people with disabilities who choose to live independently. The independent living philosophy supports persons with disabilities having opportunities to make decisions that affect their lives just as their nondisabled counterparts do.

Services offered by RCIL include: Benefits Advisement, Client Assistance Program (CAP), Employment Work Readiness, Independent Living, Housing Advocacy, System Advocacy, The Spina Bifida Resource Center, Peer Linkage Support Groups, Peer Advocacy, Youth Transition Support, Equipment & TRAID Loan Closet, Device Demonstrations, and Accessibility and Inclusivity support.

The Wayne County RAMP™works with thirty youth with disabilities, between the ages of 14 and 17, throughout Wayne County who are identified as being at risk for or currently involved in the Juvenile Justice system. The youth, working individually and in small teams, meet with mentors within the school districts or towns they live. These mentors are employed or have experience in the many related high-tech STEM occupations. Guest presenters and hands-on exploration of careers are available through local partnerships with businesses, educational programs, post secondary professionals and college students

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