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What We Do

RAMP™  operates in 11 communities across the country to serve youth, including those with disabilities, involved in or at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. RAMP™  is a career-focused mentoring program with a particular emphasis on careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. RAMP™  is a year-long program with four distinct phases. RAMP™ youth meet together in groups of four to 12 students, where they work with mentors and program staff to develop and implement Individualized Mentoring Plans (IMPs) that align with the five areas for youth development: Learning, Connecting, Thriving, Working, and Leading). Mentees work in small groups to set weekly goals that will help them meet longer-term goals outlined in their IMPs. Throughout the year, mentees engage in a variety of educational, career awareness, skill-building, and social and recreational activities with each other and their mentors.

Four Phases of RAMP™

Phase I -- Self-Assessment and Community Mapping

Timeframe: First Quarter After Enrollment

Activities Include: kickoff events, introductions, and orientations; Individualized Mentoring Plan completion; weekly goal setting; career and interest assessments; youth community mapping and identifying local labor market information; visits to resources in the community (One-Stop Career Centers, community colleges, youth workforce programs, local government); employer/industry guest speakers, recreational events (bowling, movie/video game night, dinner out, etc.)

Phase II -- Career Preparation

Timeframe: Second Quarter After Enrollment

Activities Include: weekly goal setting; updating Individualized Mentoring Plans; resume creation; job interview preparation; job readiness/employability workshops; financial literacy education; learning how to prepare and pay for college and other postsecondary training opportunities; field trips to work sites; job shadowing opportunities; guest speakers from local employers, cultural institutions, community resources, or state/local government; recreational activities

Phase III -- High-Tech Projects

Timeframe: Third Quarter After Enrollment

Activities Include: weekly goal setting; updating Individualized Mentoring Plans; introduction to, planning, and work on high-tech projects; connection to industry advisors assisting with projects; field trips to places relevant to high-tech projects; visits to postsecondary institutions; recreational activities

Phase IV -- Transition

Timeframe: Fourth Quarter After Enrollment

Activities Include: weekly goal setting; creating Transition Plans; activities focused on preparation for post-program transition; self-reflection exercises; focused summertime activities, including summer jobs, internships, job shadowing, college campus visits; end-of-year celebrations and mentor appreciation

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