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Who We Are

The Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP™) is a high-tech, career-focused mentoring model developed and led by the Institute for Educational Leadership's Center for Workforce Development. Currently, a variety of organizations operate RAMP™ programs in 13 communities around the country. Two state-level organizations also help coordinate RAMP™  activities in the two states in which multiple RAMP™ sites operate. Learn more about local and state level RAMP™   sites.

About the Institute for Educational Leadership

Founded in 1964, the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) builds the capacity of individuals in education and related fields to work together across policies, programs and sectors in support of better results for all children and youth from pre-kindergarten through postsecondary education and work.  IEL helps build the capacity to lead, identifies and shares promising practices, and translates its own and others’ research into suggestions for policy and practice improvement and technical assistance. Our work spans the key policy and practice environments that have an impact on children and youth, and is rooted in state and local programs and networks.  IEL provides direct services in and to 41 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, but maintains five program-specific web sites ( to ensure that its work and resources are available to broad audiences of stakeholders across the country. IEL is at the heart of action and learning networks, and is known for organizational capacities anchored in research and for producing best or promising practices. IEL implements its agenda by working with and through impartial, dynamic, nationwide networks of people and organizations. The Coalition for Community Schools and the Education Policy Fellowship Program are two of the initiatives housed at IEL.

About the Center for Workforce Development

In recognition of the need for substantial improvements in workforce preparation systems in this country, IEL established the Center for Workforce Development (CWD) in 1991.  CWD focuses on helping leaders in both the public and private sectors build bridges that connect individuals with both learning institutions and the workplace.  The focus is on the ties that link the worker, the school or training institutions, and the workplace together -- ties that promote the types of learning organizations needed to increase the overall productivity of the nation's workforce.  CWD's operational approach is collaboration with other organizations because no one organization has the capacity to have the full range of knowledge and expertise necessary to address these issues.  Building bridges requires networking and knowledge of how different stakeholders and systems interact with one another.  CWD is dedicated to helping build those bridges to create a more coherent workforce development system in the United States.

Contact RAMP™   staff at IEL.

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