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Youth Services, Inc.

Youth Services Logo: Green Text and White Silhouette of Stylized Youth and Adult Interacting32 Walnut Street, PO Box 6008
Brattleboro, VT 05302

Primary Contact: Jess Rodrigues
Phone: 802-257-0361 x140

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Site Description:

Youth Services, founded in 1972, provides a variety of services to children, youth and families in Windham County Vermont.  Youth Service's mission is to provide programs and services that promote the healthy development of local youth and families and help them gain the skills necessary to lead constructive lives within the community.

Currently, programs include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Court Diversion for youth and adults, Teen Alcohol Safety Program, Balanced and Restorative Justice (working with youth on probation), Case Management, Youth in Transition, Intensive Family Based Services, Student Assistance Program and Peer Outreach. 

Youth Services assists young people and families with challenges in a respectful, no-blame atmosphere.  Youth Services helps keep families together, avoiding the placement of children outside of the home.

Assistance is available when a teenage leaves home, threatens to run away or feels hopeless about his or her life.  Youth Services can provide temporary assistance with food and shelter while providing mediation and counseling for teens and their families.

In addition to services provided at our headquarters in Brattleboro, Youth Services has a satellite office in Bellows Falls and has Student Assistance Professionals (SAPs) in high schools and most middle schools throughout the county.  The SAPs advise students on substance abuse prevention facilitate support groups and offer consultation services to parents and school staff.

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