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YOUTH POWER!/Families Together in New York State

737 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY 12208

Primary Contact: Elijah Fagan-Solis
Phone: (518) 432-0333

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Site Description:

YOUTH POWER! Logo: Black Stencil Text above red underlineYOUTH POWER! (YP!) is not a typical program or service. It is a youth-led network that ensures young people have opportunities to provide input into every aspect of the systems that serve them. Through YP!, young people are given a variety of leadership opportunities and are mentored by older, more experienced peers. YP! encourages young people to be active citizens, aware of government operations, their rights, and the ability to use their voices to influence policies, practices, regulation and law. YP! is currently a part of Families Together in New York State, a family-run organization that works to ensure that every family has access to needed information, support and services. YP! has a strong record of success with empowering youth to be leaders in their state and to take charge of their life.

Families Together Logo: Teal Silhouette of a Mother, Child, and Father

Families Together in New York State, Inc. is a nonprofit, family-run organization that strives to establish a unified voice for children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and social challenges. Families Together works to ensure every family has access to information, support and services. As a part of this effort, Families Together is home to YOUTH POWER! the New York State network of young people with disabilities and social-emotional challenges.

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